Goebel & Bad Homburg,Usingen,Neu Anspach,Hausen Arnsbach

Rechtsanwalt Prof. Dr. Juergen W. Goebel
runs his law office in Neu-Anspach, which is in the northern suburban region of Frankfurt am Main. He started it in 1989.

The office can be accessed easily by car or by Public Transport ("RMV" Network).
Please have a look at the "Kontakt"-Page.

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Our main Activities

  • Computer Contracts
  • Data and Privacy Protection
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Competition Law
  • Corporate Law (including Healthcare Research and Development-Business)
  • Biobanking Law (including specimen of human and animal origin)

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Our further Fields of Interest

  • Constitutional Law (Germany)

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Let our Know-How be your Success.
We help you

  • and give general consultancy
  • and check the legal problems before you start your
    computer supported business migration
  • and train your staff with respect to the legal implications of their work
  • and settle your legal conflicts (arbitration and courtroom).

Sometimes the skills of non-legal professionals are needed. We get them for you.

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Admission to Bar

We are admitted to bar at the german Civil Courts (Amtsgericht, Landgericht and Oberlandesgericht. - We are not admitted to the german Supreme Civil Court (Bundesgerichtshof in Zivilsachen)). This is due to german legislation, according to which a lawyer can either solely be admitted to the german Supreme Civil Court or to just any other german civil court except the german Supreme Civil Court.

Besides, as all german lawyers with admission to bar, we are admitted to just any of the further german Courts regarding Civil Labor Law-, Public Law-, Social Law- and Constitutional Law-Affairs (Arbeitsgericht, Verwaltungsgericht, Sozialgericht, Verfassungsgericht).

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